Choose a Guitar Class

Core Guitar Classes

  • You're a total beginner never played before: Guitar 1 is the starting point for you. Join the multitude of folks who have played their first song here at Old Town.
  • You used to play and you understand how to read basic open chord diagrams. You need to work on changing chords smoothly and sounding musical. Guitar 1 Repertoire or Guitar 2 will enhance your talent.
  • You are coming back to guitar lessons or you are self taught and looking for a fun social experience and opportunity to build your song bag. Take our How to Choose Quiz and place yourself in the core program.

Ensemble Classes

If your skill set includes those in the Guitar 3 description, or beyond, you'll want to stretch your playing in an Ensemble Class.

Ensemble classes explore and perform the music of specific artists or genres, together in a multi-instrument band setting. Our diverse ensemble catalog covers the likes of Gypsy Jazz, Modern Country, Beatles, Beck, Blues, Motown, Women's Rock and much more.

Specialty and Technique Classes

You already can play guitar, it's a facet of your expression and now you want to expand your abilities with the guidance of our expert teaching artists. We offer a robust range of specific skill classes including: Blues, Bluegrass, Fingerstyle, Pop/Rock, Jazz, Country, Old Time, World Music and more. There are also classes that address distinct elements of guitar playing: Fingerboard Theory, Lead, Rhythm, Fingerpicking, Flatpicking, Slide, Chord Vocabulary, Electric Guitar, Bass and others.

Songwriting and Theory Classes

You are a guitar player looking for instruction to further your creative output. By all means, many of the Ensembles, Skills and Theory offerings suggested above can assist in achieving your objectives. In addition, Old Town School provides a rich curriculum in Songwriting. Our classes and workshops are led by accomplished songsmiths that furnish a welcoming environment to help launch creative juices.

The How To Choose Quiz

A few quick questions to help you figure out which class is right for you.

Should you find yourself in a class that is either too slow or way above your personal level of play, no problem – just give Jimmy T. a call at 773.751.3371, and he'll get you into a class that fits more comfortably.

Can you play A, C, D, E, G and a few other basic minor and 7th chords in first position?

If not, join Guitar 1.

Can you change basic open chords smoothly and in rhythm?

If not, join Guitar 1 Repertoire

Can you play a simple 3 or 4 chord song all the way through?

If not, join Guitar 1 Repertoire

Are you familiar with basic chords in the keys of A, C, D, E, and G, which include the challenging F chord and others?

If not, join Guitar 2

While strumming guitar, can you embellish your chords with bass runs and suspensions?

If not, join Guitar 2 Repertoire

Are you self taught via the internet, books, or other means and not sure where to enter our core guitar program?

Join Guitar 2 Repertoire

Are you familiar with barre chords and movable shapes up the guitar neck?

If not, join Guitar 3

Are you mildly comfortable with barre chords and want to build your song repertoire?

Join Guitar 3 Repertoire

Are you ready to get better at flatpicking and simple fingerpicking?

Join us in Guitar 4.

Are you a confident acoustic guitar player looking to build repertoire and play with other like-minded folks?

Join us in Guitar 4Ever or Extended Play.