Toddlers, Tunes, and Turtles

Join us all summer long as we happily partner once again with the Chicago Park District to provide live music and fun for children and families at Toddlers, Tunes, and Turtles events all over the city! Events run 5:30-7:00PM with live music starting at 6:00 PM.

Zahra Baker
Tuesday, July 13
at Willye White Park- 1610 Howard St.

Lenny Marsh
Wednesday, July 14
at Valley Forge Park - 7001 W 59th St.

Shelley Miller
Thursday, July 15
at Austin Town Hall, 5610 W Lake St

Julie Helenius
Tuesday, July 20
at Hiawatha Park - 8029 W Forest Preserve Ave.

Lenny Marsh
Wednesday, July 21
at West Chatham Park - 8223 S Princeton Ave.

Alisa Rosenthal
Thursday, July 22
at Wentworth Park - 5625 S Mobile Ave.

Laura Doherty
Tuesday, July 27
at Gladstone Park - 5421 N Menard Ave.

Shelley Miller
Wednesday, July 28
at Kennedy Park - 11320 S Western Ave.

Julie Helenius
Thursday, July 29
at Piotrowski Park - 4247 W 31st St.

Nick Davio
Tuesday, August 3
at Gompers Park - 4222 W Foster Ave.

Lenny Marsh
Wednesday, August 4
at Rowan Park - 11547 S Ave L

Alisa Rosenthal
Thursday, August 5
at Women's Park and Garden - 1801 S Indiana Ave.

Karen Banks-Lubicz
Tuesday, August 10
at Welles Park - 2333 W Sunnyside Ave.

Shelley Miller
Wednesday, August 11
at Fernwood Park - 10436 S Wallace St.

Alisa Rosenthal
Thursday, August 12
at Augusta Park - 4433 W Augusta Blvd.