Fiddle & Cello Classes

Grab a bow and join classes for all levels of players from beginners to the more advanced.

Beginning students can learn the basics of bowed string instruments in Introduction to Violin/Fiddle or Introduction to Cello.

Advanced students can join a band in one of our many ensemble classes. There's something for every style of string player!

Fiddle or Violin?
The simple answer is that the two instruments are really the same, but the style of music and the way it's set up and played is quite different. Introduction to Violin/Fiddle covers basics that are common to both. After that, students can choose which track they want to follow starting with either Fiddle 1 or Violin 1.

The Fiddle track teaches traditional folk genres through a traditional method - by ear! Fiddle students can learn a variety of genres including old-time square dance tunes, bluegrass, country, Americana, plus regional styles like Irish, Mexican, Nordic, or Cajun.

Our new Violin track teaches classical, jazz, film & TV soundtracks, and other genres that are primarily learned and played off of sheet music. Students learn to read music written in traditional notation and how to use classical techniques like vibrato.

Fiddle-Feature Ensembles »

Music is more fun with others! Our core fiddle program teaches you how to jam and perform with other instruments and vocalists. Many of our ensemble classes that feature fiddle players can be found here under "Country & Traditional Ensembles."

Country & Traditional Ensembles »   

Four-String Improvisation for Fiddle »

New for the May/June 2018 session! This class is for you if you want to join one of Old Town School's ensemble classes, or you simply want to join a jam but you don't know what notes to play.

Four-Stringed Improvisation - Fiddle and Mandolin »   

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