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Kids Fiddle Tips

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Welcome to the Kids' Fiddle Program! Here is some useful information to help you and your child get the most from your experience.

The Old Town School of Folk Music's Fiddle Program is for kids and teens! Our fiddle program is a non-traditional violin method planted in the folk tradition. Students will learn folk songs by ear in a group setting through dance, song and rhythm. As students progress through the program they will learn basic music theory skills and reading. With our team-taught classes your child will receive individual attention within the group experience.

Although private lessons are not required in the fiddle program, it is an experience that is highly encouraged. This will enhance, accelerate and expand your child's musical experience. Another great way to enhance your child's musical experience is through social playing at jams, play dates or concerts. Attending a weekly jam is a great way for students and parents to have fun while internalizing the music we share on a deeper level.

FUN FACT: Violin and fiddle are two names for the same instrument. Using fiddle often implies a folk style of playing.

Tips for growth in the Kids' Fiddle Program

Please create time for your child to play during the week. The more they have their hands on the instrument, the more comfortable they will be. Music is a language; the more your child plays, the more they will be comfortable with this new language. Listen to music, come to jams and see concerts with your child. All of this will inspire your child to love playing music.

Tune Archive »

This link will take you to sound files of most of the songs we will sing and play in class. Listening during the week helps students internalize the music we are learning, and it’s fun! In the beginning, we will learn tunes mostly from the Kids Section. In later classes, we will also learn tunes from the Adult Section.

Kids' Fiddle Book

Please bring the book to class every week and take good care of it. Use the book at home as a guide for new material introduced in class. You may also move ahead or review other songs. Please ask your teachers if you have any questions about the book.

What you can expect from the class

What we ask of you

Want to capture your child on film?

Please check with your instructor before photographing your child in class. There is no video- or audio-recording allowed.

Refund policy

Full refunds or full school credit are available until 24 hours before your first class begins. If you phone or stop by to cancel your registration 24 hours before your second or third class begins, a partial pro-rated school credit can be given. If your class has met three times or it is less than 24 hours before your third class, no school credit is available.

Questions or special concerns?

Please speak with your teacher before or after class about any questions or concerns. We’re here to make your Fiddle experience amazing! Fiddle program manager Erin Flynn can be reached via email or at 773.751.3432.