Teachers at the Old Town School

Jarod Facknitz

Wiggleworms Program, Guitar, Ensembles

Techniques - Storytelling, Ear Training, Sign Language, Puppetry, World Instruments, Absurdism, Theatre.

Children, much like the adults they eventually become, are interminable sponges, capable of absorbing the wondrous array of sights, sounds, and experiences surrounding them on a daily basis. Sadly, many people work themselves into a series of constricted patterns, devoting the majority of their time to the same types of music, film, people, and experiences. If children can be shown that the search itself is what makes life so worthwhile, that a modicum of risk-taking through exploration can reveal a plethora of cherished experiences, that there's more to life than what we THINK we know, and merely asking (as children so often do) keeps the brain and soul alive, active, searching, and aware, then my time is well spent within the classroom.

Jarod loves bringing balloons into class to highlight the differences between big and small. He loves telling stories, and bringing different puppets into class to watch the varied responses. He loves filling the room with bubbles and playing music children wouldn't normally hear on the radio or on your basic Justin Roberts album. He loves trying new things each week and permitting the kids to show him how his ideas can be honed into their most useful representation. He loves being in the room and feeding off of the excitement.

Education: Education: BA in Communications from Oakland University, Rochester, MI

Started at the Old Town School in May of 2009

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