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Kids Art Classes - Scribble Tips

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Welcome to Scribble! Here is some useful information to help you and your child get the most from the Scribble experience.

Imagine, discover, and grow!

At the Old Town School, our children's art classes focus on both the joyful process of art making and the magical feeling of having created something new. Scribble classes introduce very young children to the wonders of visual arts through stories, art making, and water table play. Every class within the session presents the group with an entirely different project and process as we explore, problem solve, and connect within a shared social space. Each of our art teachers develops their own lesson plans and projects based on the curriculum and goals of the program, so your child will have a unique art experience every time they take an art class. We're so glad you're here to be creative, expressive, and artful with us!

Scribble Checklist

Ways to foster a positive art experience for your child

Does your artist need a break or snack?

It's okay to step out of the classroom for a minute if your Scribbler seems to need to regroup or replenish! Please save snacks for the lobbies and waiting areas — snacks and drinks are not allowed in the classroom.

Want to capture your child on film?

Please check with your art instructor before photographing your child in class. There is no video- or audio-recording allowed.

Having a party? »

You can hire your child's teacher to lead the kids in a musical party experience! Contact Jenna Murfin to book or visit our musician referrals page for more information.

Refund policy

Full refunds or full school credit are available until 24 hours before your first class begins. If you phone or stop by to cancel your registration 24 hours before your second or third class begins, a partial pro-rated school credit can be given. If your class has met three times or it is less than 24 hours before your third class, no school credit is available.

Questions or special concerns?

Please speak with your teacher before or after class about any questions or concerns. We’re here to make your Scribble experience amazing! Art program manager Alicia Manson can be reached via email or at 773.751.3369.